And the winner is...


It's time to announce the winner of the Fall Garland Giveaway!

Congratulations to Kimberly D.! You have won one 10 foot copper colored star garland!
Thank you all for your participation! We plan to have a giveaway of some sort each month, and we'll be announcing the next one in the next week or 2, so stay tuned.  :)

Friday Feature : Dvora Schleffer

Hi all! Happy Friday to ya! 
We've been wanting to start a "Friday Feature" for a while now and take a chance each Friday to highlight some of our fellow fantastic craftspeople out there! So for our first inaugural Friday Feature we'd like to recognize Dvora Schleffer and her delightfully delicate handmade jewelry. I came to find Dvora's shop on Etsy a couple years ago when I was looking for a new wedding set for myself. I'm pretty low maintenance and have no need for real diamonds, so I was searching around Etsy for anything low-cost in the cubic zirconia arena. I already had a wedding set from another seller, but it was bulky, and after 2 years of wearing it, I was dying for something dainty, yet 'blingy.' Enter this gorgeous beauty; a delicate engagement ring with a white cubic zirconia in the middle, featuring a beautiful textured finish on the band. I bought the engagement ring, as well as 2 of the textured bands to make a stacking set.

I am still so in love with this set 2 years later! I love the fine daintiness of them, and how having them on my finger feels like wearing no ring at all. The cz in the middle is quite an impressive size, so it gives that bling and sparkle to the ring that I just have to have. ;) 
The featured engagement ring is also available with stones other than the white cz, and Dvora has some absolutely beautiful necklaces and bracelets too, so go check those out!
We've put some our Dvora Schleffer favorites in the Etsy Mini below. Click on them to check out her shop, because who could pass up treasures like these?

Happy Fall!

Fall is finally here! Although, judging by the weather here, you would never know. Hopefully that changes soon. I can't wait for it to cool down! 

Today, we thought, would be a fitting day for a new beginning, even though we still don't quite have the website together. Well, everything can't always be perfect, I suppose. So for this 'new beginning' we brought back some of our old items, in new fall colors; shades of copper, reds, and browns! Here's a little sneak peak...

Our Etsy shop is now open again as well. We are looking to add a few new things every week, both on Etsy and here. We'll also be announcing 2 giveaways at the end of this week, so stay tuned!


Remaking ourselves has proven to be more of a task than we initially expected. Making, stocking, and rephotographing has been quite the chore. This week, we've been working on bachelorette veils, garlands in new colors and old, plus a few cake toppers, also in some new colors. Updated ETA on reopening is September 6, and even then, we will be adding a bit at a time. Patience, please! :) Apologies for the delay!

Big Changes

Hi all! Just wanted to post a little update here about upcoming changes to Droplet Weddings. We've been on a bit of an unplanned hiatus these past 6 months. We are currently doing some restructuring, both of the company and with our items. We are rebranding, renaming, and rebuilding ourselves. The new site design should be complete by the end of this week, and all of our items, both new and old, will be available beginning next week.  We plan to pick back up on our weekly blog posts, have monthly giveaways, and free/low cost ad space will be available! We are very excited about our new items, new look, and all the things to come!

Wedding Wednesday: Easy Tulle String Lights DIY

This project is super super easy with a lot of potential uses. I first made these in white-on-white as a wedding decoration, but they also make adorable additions to your holiday decor or even a child's room. If you want to use these on a christmas tree, I recommend using 2 strips together for each light instead of just one. That way the color really stands out against the dark green of the tree.


  • string lights (white wire type is best, unless you want to put these on your tree, then use green) $1-3 (I bought a 5ft strand from the Dollar Tree for $1)
  • roll of 6" tulle (you can find these at crafts stores in either the fabric or wedding section) $2-5
  • scissors

    Project Time: 15 mins (depends on the length of your strand of lights)
    Approximate Cost: $3-8


After a nearly 6 month hiatus, we are back. looks a little bit different, and we've changed things around a bit. There may still be a few holes in the website, and we apologize for that! Store is located here, and our etsy shop should reopen again in the next few weeks!

Tuesday Tip: Washi Tape Tea Lights

For this week's Tuesday Tip, here is something simple you can do to add a cute, easy, (and cheap!) finishing touch to your wedding tables, bridal shower, or party decor. You will need a few simple items:

  • tea light candles
  • washi tape
  • scissors

All of these items are available at your local craft store, Walmart, or best of all...Dollar Tree!


The tea lights I used here are leftover from a wedding, and they are a little short. If your tape ends up being wider than your candles, just make sure to wrap the tape where the excess is at the bottom. That way there is no chance of the tape catching on fire. Also, you can always trim the tape to fit the width of the tea light.20150202_154752

Wrap the tape around the tea lights, and clip in excess.20150202_154903

That's it! Super simple!


New Year, New Stuff : Updates and such

Hi, all! It's been a while! We hope you all had a great holiday season. The end of 2014 got very busy/crazy/hectic/insane for us! We kind of dropped off of doing our regular blog posts, which we want to start up again in the coming week. To kick off the new year (a week late, lol) we have some new items and some updates.

  1. Policy updates: We have learned a lot in the past year on Etsy, and have had to update some of the policies to protect ourselves. You can read the new policies here. For the most part, they aren't huge changes, but they are things that we need to be spelled out for customers.
  2. Pricing changes: For the most part, our prices have remained the same, but there are a few items that we have had to update due to the cost of supplies going up. Some of the updated items are ombre dyed napkins, Here Comes the Bride tee, Emmaline hair pins.
  3. Finally, new items! Check out our confetti mixes here. We will have more colors coming in the next week, as well as new garlands, cards/invitations, new veils, and more.

Thursday's Theme: Dreaming of Winter


Hello all, Sorry we've had no updates in a while. We have been busy prepping for some local shows. We were supposed to be adding some new things last week, but I had a medical issue and have been out of commission, and Rachael has been quite busy with her day job. Hopefully we'll be getting some new goodies done in the next few weeks, and we can get back to doing our regular updates. :)

New Goodies

Just a few new things. Happy Monday!


Thursday's Theme: Pearls

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="719,717,722,724,718,720,721,723"]







Tuesday Tip: Crystal Wedding Hairpin Hack

Looking for that extra little touch for you updo? Here's a little tip for you that is cheap, takes zero crafty skills, and is oh-so-gorgeous!

All you need is a hairpin and a crystal (or any other type) of decorative button. Yes, button.

You can find these in fabric stores or inside craft stores in the sewing section. Usually there is a revolving stand with novelty buttons. While many of these are colorful, plastic, and/or tacky, you can find some really pretty crystal, pearl, and rhinestone ones.


See that little loop/hole on the back? Just take your hair pin and slide it through there.

And there you have  it...


Here are some examples of other buttons you could use. These are not our photos, they are from the Hobby Lobby website.  Search "shank buttons."






Food Friday: Chipotle Cheddar Salad

CAM01375 Chipotle Cheddar Salad-

-While shopping at the grocery store I found this gem in the salad section. Dole makes these fun fresh salad kits that come with cool toppings and dressing. I chose the chipotle cheddar kit and added a head of romaine lettuce to add volume. Mix all ingredients together and put in serving dish. It looks like a fancy restaurant salad but only takes a minute to make!

They're Back!

We've brought back some of our older out-of-stock items! Check them out in our Etsy shop!