Friday Feature : Dvora Schleffer

Hi all! Happy Friday to ya! 
We've been wanting to start a "Friday Feature" for a while now and take a chance each Friday to highlight some of our fellow fantastic craftspeople out there! So for our first inaugural Friday Feature we'd like to recognize Dvora Schleffer and her delightfully delicate handmade jewelry. I came to find Dvora's shop on Etsy a couple years ago when I was looking for a new wedding set for myself. I'm pretty low maintenance and have no need for real diamonds, so I was searching around Etsy for anything low-cost in the cubic zirconia arena. I already had a wedding set from another seller, but it was bulky, and after 2 years of wearing it, I was dying for something dainty, yet 'blingy.' Enter this gorgeous beauty; a delicate engagement ring with a white cubic zirconia in the middle, featuring a beautiful textured finish on the band. I bought the engagement ring, as well as 2 of the textured bands to make a stacking set.

I am still so in love with this set 2 years later! I love the fine daintiness of them, and how having them on my finger feels like wearing no ring at all. The cz in the middle is quite an impressive size, so it gives that bling and sparkle to the ring that I just have to have. ;) 
The featured engagement ring is also available with stones other than the white cz, and Dvora has some absolutely beautiful necklaces and bracelets too, so go check those out!
We've put some our Dvora Schleffer favorites in the Etsy Mini below. Click on them to check out her shop, because who could pass up treasures like these?